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If you already have a domain name registered through any other registrar and wish to go with our hosting package you need to modify the name servers. Contact your registrar and specify them with our DOMAIN NAME SERVER Information you also have to modify the technical Contact information. You can list these DNS servers for all of the domains you host with IPlus.


Domain Name Servers (DNS) in listed order

Domain Name Servers (DNS) in listed order

Primary DNS Server Name:

Primary DNS Server IP:

Secondary DNS Server Name:

Secondary DNS Server IP:


Technical Contact Information

The iPlus user can use t...ontact or can use ours.


Domain Master


Domain Registration


Innovative Soft


+1 5878851367

Domain Name Expiration, .net and .org only)

Domain Name Expiration Date

Once the domain name exp...l will no longer work.

Domain Name Grace Period
(30 days)

A domain name, if not re...ry date, will be in a " grace period " for approximately 15... additional charge of $15 US . It will take 24-72 h...ices will re-activate.

Domain Name Redemption Period
(30-45 days)

At the end of the Grace Period , the domain will enter into a 30-45 day Redemption Period . WHOIS information (n...s original owner for $165 US + renewal fees . It is a manual proce...ay take several days.
Note: This Redemption fee is ...Registry not by IPlus.

Domain Name Deletion

Approximately 3-7 days after the end of the redemption period the domain name will be...for anyone to register.

Additional information c...Period can by found on ICANN web site .

Domain Transfer Procedure (.com, .net and .org)

Whether you intend to tr...e registry, NOT by us.

If you pay the paying for transfer:
a) Check the WHOIS information by going to . The domain should NOT ...e valid and accessible.
b) After we initiate th...gly without any delay.

This system is regulated by ICANN ( ). For more information ...consult their website.

Domain Transfer Procedure (.ca)

Transfer of .CA domains ...Telligent Corporation)

1. The domain owner sig...Telligent Corporation).
2. IPlus (Telligent Cor...ugh CIRA (
3. CIRA sends a transfe.../
4. The Admin contact ne...tain the login details.
5. Once the transfer em...Telligent Corporation).

Note: Make sure the Adm... the transfer to IPlus.

Domain Registrant Information Change and updates

ca – Procedure

1 - Registrant name/information Change (Ownership change)
The cost for registrant.../information change is $45 CDN/US plus 1 year of renewal cost - onetime

2 - Manual Change of Administrative Contact Email (MCACE) - invalid/dead email address
Manual Change of Admini...CACE) for .ca domain is $45 CDN/US - onetime

A) Follow the link: (For Individual)
B) Follow the link: (For Non-Individuals - ... Canadian Corporation))
Note: Kindly fax us the appro...form for MCACE request.

.com, .net and .org and all other domains - Procedure

1 - Registrant name/information Chang e (Ownership change) - The cost for registrant and .org domain is $45 CDN/US - onetime

2 - Changing invalid/dead email address -
There is no charge

If you have any questions kindly email This e-mail address is enabled to view it